Facts No One Told You About Free Car Valuation In India

You know change is inevitable. When you consider this fact about the car valuation, the change means depreciation. If you are in confusion over free car valuation in India, you are perhaps not mistaken. This happens due to demand factor and high production numbers as well as availability.

You should be exclaimed to know that you will rarely get the full disclosure about the car if it is not owned by you.

The next thing is that though the car may prove cheap in the long run, but that may not true always.

While trying to know about free car evaluation, you may come across many people or agencies advising having to say something or the other. While is not a difficult task to locate a good car evaluator, but relying on his services is not so easy.


There are some points which are generally not covered by the free car evaluators when you seek their services. These may be:

  1. Confirmation about the authenticity if insurance papers made available to you.
  2. How to confirm that the car you are looking belongs to the third owner or second owner?
  3. How to confirm that the engine installed in the car is in good condition?
  4. What will be the expected life of the car when it comes to your hand?
  5. Whether there is any hidden cost in the projected value of the car? If it is so, one should know how to eliminate that hidden cost?
  6. How to carry out external examination of the car? You may from your common knowledge check the exterior of the car for any external damage. There should not be any sign of dents, rusts, bumps and scratches.
  1. How to ascertain that the car has been repainted? Again, from your knowledge the car look like a new one, you may guess that it has been repainted. For further clarification, you may ask the seller the reason of repainting of the car.
  1. How to inspect and ascertain the interiors of the car? However, from the general sense, you may look at the doors of the car and find out whether the rubbers installed are intact and clean. Also, when the door is opened or closed there is no noise and the doors should sit quietly when closed.
  1. Whether inspect of underneath portion of car is carried out and what is its effect on valuation? Whereas, it is supposed that find any loose parts hanging or there are traces of rust or corrosion, the value of the car will be certainly lower.
  2. The presence of moisture like appearances in the exhaust pipe and its end in the car indicated incomplete combustion of fuel in the engine. The KPL (kilometers per liter of car) will be high and the car will be evaluated of lesser amount.
  3. When engine of the car is in running condition, there should not be any funny or pungent smell.
  4. Confirmation about the driving habit the owner. This means that whether the car has been sparingly used or has been used as sports’ car (rough use).
  5. Whether the help of any car mechanic be sought or not? Since you may not be expert in this field, hence the safety and mechanical soundness of the car can be properly assessed by the car mechanic only.
  6. Whether there is any need to check and confirm about the maintenance record of the car from owner, the dealer or the repair shop. But is recommended that more the research you do in this regard, the more beneficiary you will be.


  1. Whether the test drive of the car should be done by you or you should seek the help of some expert driver? It is suggested that if the car is being evaluated in your presence, you must test drive the car. You must check all the necessary parameters on the instrument panel of the car. Check the ease of driving, serviceability of brakes, any unnecessary vibration and sound. Also, don’t drive the car for a short distance and decide. It is highly necessary that you drive the car for a long distance to ascertain its correct value.