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Misogynoir where racism and sexism meet

Last week, London nightclub Dstrkt was accused of turning away two young black women for being “too fat” and “too dark”, prompting a swift, strident response on social media. The club was quick to deny the allegations and the council equally quick to express its concern. News outlets went into overdrive, to find “voices” to […]

the extraordinary Mary Wollstonecraft

Meet the original suffragette: Mary Wollstonecraft. The founder of feminism, a philosopher, travel writer, human rights activist, she was a profound influence on the Romantics, and an educational pioneer. In Virginia Woolf’s words, “we hear her voice and trace her influence even now among the living.” This may be true, but it’s not as true […]

Leave Birmingham alone there are restaurant gems here

After the glory, the goading. This weekend’s Observer reported on Birmingham’s latest culinary achievement, namely Carters of Moseley bagging a star from what remains, rightly or wrongly, the world’s most influential restaurant guide. It became the fifth restaurant in the city to do so. Step forward Jay Rayner, the Observer’s restaurant pundit, ready to rain […]

why was it easier to lose weight in the 80s?

It may be the final straw that kicks off intergenerational war. Hard-pressed millennials already resent their parents’ generation for their free university education, generous pensions, higher employment rates and ownership of mansions they bought for £18.50. Now it turns out baby boomers even had it easier when it came to dieting. A new study has […]