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Maximise ITunes app monetization through mobile advertising agencies

 For app developers to maximise their app returns, they will need an app monetization specialist from a high-performance mobile advertising agency. This specialist can help developers to connect with premium advertisers and ensure that the smartest ads are shown every time, resulting in exceptional campaign performance and maximised app returns. ______________________________________________________________________   App monetization is […]

Apple Removes Ad Blocking Apps For Compromising Security

Since the launch of iOS 9 there have been a number of new Ad Blocking apps in the app store, the most prominent one was pulled by its developer, Marco Arment after a few days. Now Apple has removed some of these Ad Blocking apps from their app store, some of these apps were installing […]

iOS 9 Adoption Hits 57 Percent

Apple released their new mobile OS last month and now Apple has updated their developer page with the latest iOS 9 adoption rates. Apple announced at the launch of the new iPhone 6S and 6S Plus that iOS 9 adoption was at 50%, the latest figures show that iOS 9 is now on 57 percent […]