Month: September 2018

Investing in real estate funds can help diversify risk

Residential real estate which was reeling under pressure due to demand-supply mismatch since 2013 underwent a slew of transformational reforms in 2016 and 2017 which postponed the sector’s recovery further. While demand revival is inevitable considering India’s growth prospects, pent up demand and job creation, this cyclical recovery will be driven by end-user demand. Investor […]

Ducey, Garcia debate centers on education

In the first gubernatorial debate Gov. Doug Ducey touted a record of improving the state’s economy and providing 20-percent pay raises to teachers while Democrat David Garcia accused him of breaking promises and leaving Arizona’s education system in crisis. While Ducey and Garcia’s hourlong verbal grudge match on KAET-TV, the Phoenix PBS station, centered predominantly […]

Contemporary Dressage

The equestrian event known as dressage includes jumping maneuvers. In order to meet the standards of the sport, it is important that all horse jumps that are used in dressage events be made to precise measurements. The end poles of a jump measuring 3 feet by 6 inches need to be precisely 4 feet high. […]