An overview of Theanine

Brain studies have been a crucial study area in many countries as brain-related diseases are on a high these days, with older citizens suffering the most. Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases are common among elderly. Many of these studies are also trying to find out about nutrients and other compounds that will be useful, apart from medicines. One such compound is L-Theanine or Theanine as it is referred to. Scientifically known as Gamma-glutamylethylamide, L-Theanine is naturally found in green tea and in some mushroom species.

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Know more about the beneficial properties of Theanine

Theanine is a form of L-Glutamic acid which is responsible for alpha brain waves which in turn brings about relaxation. Another reason why it works is that it is chemically similar to L-Tryptophan, which helps bring about relaxation and also helps in sleep. The L-Theanine supplements that are available today can provide the benefits of the compound and it is legally available in the US. It is a nootropic product and also highly beneficial.

Benefits of Theanine

In addition the affects glutamatergic neurotransmission and cognitive benefits, Theanine also has positive effect on mood. It is also good for health. That is why, Theanine can be taken by one and all. Theanine calms down nerves and brings about a peaceful and calming effect. Coffee too is believed to be soothing and energy booster but caffeine has side effects as well. But when you consume green tea, you get the benefits of caffeine without its side effects. And that is because of Theanine present in green tea.

Theanine brings about an increase in alpha brain waves, because of which after taking the Theanine supplements, you will not only feel calm but you will also be alert mentally and feel active and energised. Thus, one also feels distressed and becomes cheerful.

Another health benefit of Theanine is that it can also reduce LDL cholesterol, as it is anti-oxidant. It can also enhance the nitric oxide levels in the body, especially in the artery linings which means it facilitates blood flow and thus oxygen movement. This is particularly helpful for maintaining cardiovascular health.

Theanine has maximum positive effects on the health of brain. In addition to being a brain protector, it also prevents neuron damage and keeps it efficiently by supplying adequate oxygen to the brain cells. Theanine has also proved to allow protein release which helps in the growth of nerves.

Why and how Theanine works is based on its simple activity and that is its effect on many brain chemicals such as dopamine, serotonin, GABA and so on which are responsible for numerous cognitive functions, sleep and more.

Research studies are still going on to find about more beneficial properties of Theanine but there are already enough published evidence to prove that Theanine is indeed beneficial for health, especially for brain health. Theanine supplements can be bought from stores and since it is available online as well, procuring them isn’t difficult. There aren’t many side effects associated with Theanine but it is better to take your doctor’s advice before you begin the dosage.

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