Androgen and its effect on Physical changes in men

Androgen is the male hormone and as the name suggests, it the hormone that provides men their unique manly features namely- husky and heavy baritone voice, beard, their stamina and last but not the least their sexual drive. Along with all these physical characteristics in men , androgen is also responsible for other changes like , development of muscles and bones , bodily hairs, beard and moustache , etc. it is also responsible for growth of body and is also of sexual desires in men.

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Symptoms of Androgen Deficiency:

The lack of Androgen hormone may result in several physical characteristics in males like reduced sexual interest, sweating , hot flushes, development of breasts , depression, fatigue, laziness, lack of strength, loos of muscle mass, increase in body  weight, loss of hair from the body , osteoporosis etc.

Main cause for Androgen Deficiency:

The main  signs of androgen deficiency is the underperformance of either of the 2 glands that are situated in the human brain namely the pituitary gland and the hypothalamus or due to some kind of genetic disorder ,medical problem in the male genital or the testes. It may also be caused to because of chromosomal trait known as klinefelter’s syndrome.

Causes of Androgen Deficiency:

The main cause of androgen deficiency could be related to any of the 3 organs, namely:

  1. Testis: There could be various medical reasons for the androgen deficiency in boys and men. Some of the medical problems related to testes could be related to undescended testes, Klinefelter’s syndrome, lack of blood supply or damage or loss of testes due to some accident or as a side effect of chemotherapy or radiotherapy for some illness.
  2. Hypothalamus: This is the rarest form of androgen deficiency where the hypothalamus prevents the release of androgen from the pituitary gland and stops the production of testosterone due to some medical conditions like congenital abnormalities, etc.
  3. Pituitary Glands: Tumours are the most common medical condition for lack of androgen secretion by pituitary glands. Tumours hinder the secretion of androgen.


The androgen deficiency which is the cause of several physical changes in men can be treated through replacement therapy. The testosterone is given to the patient in the form of tablets, capsules creams, lotions, gels and even injections.

Side effects of treatment of Androgen Therapy:

Some of these side effects can be noticed after the treatment of testosterone therapy . these are not common symptoms. They can be:

Increase in weight

Growth of acne

Mood swings

Aggressive attitude


Development of Breasts

Problem with urination

Reduced sex drive

Difficulty in retaining muscle mass


Increased belly fat

Deficiency of male hormone is also associated with so many diseases like heart diseases, diabetes, strokes, arthritis, high blood pressure, osteoporosis and benign prostate cancer. Along with all these physical changes in men , the hormonal changes in men also result in mood swings and behaviour of men . They may become more emotional but less interested in sex and may also increase in commitment towards their work and loved ones.

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