The generic drug Phentermine which is a sympathomimetic drug is sold under many different brand names. Adipex-p is one of the well-known brands. The drug when used in conjunction with low calorie diet and exercise produces good results and helps obese and people who are overweight to lose the extra pounds rapidly, so that their condition does not lead to any major health problems.


How can you get Adipex-p pills?

Since phentermine acts as a stimulant and acts on the central nervous system, it is available only through prescription. It is possible to get this drug without a prescription, but you will have to exercise caution regarding the brand, concentration of phentermine, other inactive ingredients in it, claims and your health conditions. Some persons who wish to lose just 4-5 kg of stubborn weight to reach their ideal weight are not advised to take Adipex-p. These pills can be bought online.

What is the strength of Adipex-p

Adipex-p for oral administration contains 37.5mg of phentermine hydrochloride salt. It also contains other inactive ingredients like pregelatinised starch, corn starch, propylene glycol, titanium oxide, lactose, magnesium stearate and others. It is important to know the constituents to ensure that you are not allergic to phentermine or any of the inactive ingredients in the preparation.

What is the use of Adipex-p?

Adipex-p is effective in suppressing hunger and craving for food. In the process, it also increases your energy level. This helps you to lose weight during the period of your transition to a low calorie diet and exercise changes. Adipex-p can be used during the transition period so that you do not feel hunger pangs.

How long can you use it?

As mentioned earlier, since it suppresses hunger, you could take a course for a month or two till you get accustomed to your routine diet and exercise and lose weight during the process. Since this drug acts on the central nervous system, it cannot be taken for a long period of time. It can be administered for longer periods only if the doctor feels the benefits of administering the drug is greater than the side effects it could cause to that person. In case of long term use caution has to be exercised. You must also understand that it is only a supplement and you need to take healthy food and lots of water when you take the pill.

How to use Adipex-p safely?

It is essential to assess your BMI, persons with BMI over 30 are usually considered eligible to take this drug. But, ensure that you are not having high blood pressure, glaucoma, vascular heart diseases, any history of alcohol or drug abuse and any anxiety or mental problems.also confirm that you are not allergic to any sympathomimetic amines usually found in decongestants.

While you start using the drug, you may experience conditions such as palpitation, dry mouth, diarrhoea, nausea, constipation and other gastrointestinal disorders. Psychosis and mood changes are also noted in few people. If these symptoms are strong and persist, consult a doctor immediately.

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