The Nexus line may be living on borrowed time

Recent rumors suggest that Google is soon to abandon the Nexus line. Apparently, the Nexus Sailfishand Nexus Marlin, as they have been called internally, might not even bear the Nexus name. We do not know if these rumors are correct, but fans of the devices should not worry too much; in fact, even if true, this might not be such bad news.

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Nexus devices are the result of a close collaboration between Google and other manufacturers (in the case of Marlin and Sailfish, HTC). However, all manufacturers share one problem in common: they all want to become independent; some have their eye on their own OS. So, working with its competitors, Google finds itself in a delicate position, with many barriers to success.

The death of the Nexus line would not mean that Google would no longer produce devices. Only the Nexus name would disappear, and Google would enhance its own name in contrast to its competitors. However, for obvious reasons, this decision may not go down well at all, especially at HTC, currently a Google partner. So it may still be that the Marlin and Sailfish models, of which we’ve heard so many rumors recently, may still bear the Nexus name.

After all, it is obvious that Google wishes to move into the market under a single banner: Google. To have its own brand emblazoned on the devices would help consolidate its foothold in the market. The only problem, one that could annoy many users, is the rumor that the company might be changing the OS interface for the new models, since what many find so enchanting about the Nexus line is its clean, stock Android experience.

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