Buying Steroids – Learn more about them

Manmade steroids can also be artificially introduced into the bodies to enhance our performance. Steroids are an easy answer to sports persons who require quick strength and performance to compete and excel; the body builders use them to gain size and grow muscles. Many forms of steroids are used by doctors to treat various diseases and abnormalities occurring in Human body.

Types of Steroids:

There exists various types of steroids, steroids are primarily categorised depending on its chemical composition. The few major types of steroids present within the body are Cholesterol, Estrogen, Testosterone, Cortisol, Aldosterone steroids. Cholesterol can be easily termed as the basic steroidal compound from which the cells in human body synthesize several steroids to names as estrogen, testosterone, etc.

Catabolic Corticosteroidsinclude Aldosterone, which helps in regulating blood pressure in the body; and Cortisol, that has multiple roles from stress response to diminish inflammation.

Anabolic Androgenic steroids, is popularly abbreviated as AAS; are steroids which promotes tissue growth or tissue building and control male sex characteristics. Muscle building is referred by “Anabolic” and male sex characteristics are referred by “Androgenic.  The testosterone is the male sex hormone, which is the key anabolic steroid that delivers all males with the common traits like increase in muscle size, deepening of voice, growth of facial and body hair. Apart from developing muscle size, testosterone is accountable to lead the upkeep and manage different functions of human bodies’. Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) and Nandrolene are the two additional anabolic steroids in our human body which are produced naturally endogenously. These three anabolic steroids forms the base for manufacture of all other steroids, hence they may be referred as the parent hormones or progenitor hormones. Of these three hormones calling Testosterone hormone as the precursor or the original hormone is a right term. Testosterone is the primary naturally endogenously manufactured anabolic steroid and the root anabolic steroid for all other anabolic steroids present.

Administration of Steroids:

In the domain of Performance Enhancing Drugs (PED) there are varied choices for an individual to choose from. Of all the PEDs, anabolic androgenic steroids are the most sort out steroids. Anabolic androgenic steroids can be administered in various forms such as oral tablet form, transdermal patch form, subcutaneous implant pellets form and injected in injection form. Of all these forms oral tablets and injectable steroids are the most common and important administration forms. Below one can find the pros and cons of both forms:

Oral Steroids:

Oral steroids / PEDsare offered in tablet or liquid suspension. Anadrol, Dianabol and Halotestin are common examples of Oral steroids. Daily dosing either at once or two or more doses during a day will be required whilst consuming oral steroids. These kinds of steroids offer faster gains within a short span of time which is why it is most sought of by bodybuilders. On the other hand they are most hepatoxic i.e., affect liver directly and induce lot of side effects such as bloating, high blood pressure and headache. In short oral steroids bestow significant gains in short periods and so, only genuine pharmaceutical products should be purchased.

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