Month: August 2016

ProShot for Windows 10 temporarily pulled due to ‘distribution issues’ with Windows Store

The recently launched Windows 10 version of the camera and image app ProShot has been temporarily pulled from the Windows Store. The developer blamed “distribution issues” with the Store as the reason for this decision. The developer, Rise Up Games, has been getting reports that many people who downloaded ProShot from the Windows Store have […]

Buying Steroids – Learn more about them

Manmade steroids can also be artificially introduced into the bodies to enhance our performance. Steroids are an easy answer to sports persons who require quick strength and performance to compete and excel; the body builders use them to gain size and grow muscles. Many forms of steroids are used by doctors to treat various diseases […]

Different types of bath tubs

Freestanding corner bath tubs may not be as well known as their drop-in cousins however there are some useful and in vogue models out there. In spite of the fact that a few sorts of corner bath tubs are bigger than others, they do as a rule amplify the space in the room by opening […]