Ford Plans 28 Custom SUVs and Crossovers for SEMA Display


Ford will be on hand at SEMA this year with a massive display of customized SUVs and crossovers. Ford has announced that it plans to have 28 different customized SUVs at the show with different customizers massaging each one. One of the coolest of all the customs is the Explorer picture here with custom paint and a sweet carbon fiber roof rack.

The SUVs start as normal 2015 Edge Sport and 2016 Explorer Sport vehicles and then get massaged for more performance and style. Three of the Edge Sport SUVs on hand will feature 22-inch wheels and increased performance with bolt-on engine upgrades and custom suspensions. One of the Edges gets a supercharger.

The Explorer Sports are customized for different needs like commuting or off-roading. Each of the custom SUVs has customized paint and lots of other custom touches. SEMA will be a huge show and 28 custom SUVs is a lot. I hope Ford leaves room for some of its other cool cars like the Focus RS, Mustang, and Ford GT in the booth. Custom Mustangs go hand in hand with SEMA and I doubt Ford will skip that car altogether.

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