Light L16 Camera Has 16 Lenses, Takes 52 Megapixel Snaps


Light L16 is a new camera that comes with a total of 16 different lenses and 10 of the lenses shoot at the same time to take a single 52 megapixel photo.

As we can see from the photo above, the design of the Light L16 looks more like a smartphone than a camera and it comes with WiFi for sharing your photos and also built in editing.


Using a new approach to folded optics design, the Light L16 Camera packs DSLR quality into a slim and streamlined camera body. It’s like having a camera body, zoom, and 3 fast prime lenses right in your pocket.

With 16 individual cameras, 10 of them firing simultaneously, the L16 captures the detail of your shot at multiple fixed focal lengths. Then the images are computationally fused to create an incredible high-quality final image with up to 52 megapixel resolution.

The L16 comes with 35-150mm optical zoom and it is designed to take photos in low light conditions.

You can find out more details about the new L16 camera at the link below, the device is available to pre-order now for $1,299, when it launches next summer it will retail for $1,699.

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