iPhone 6S With TSMC Processor Performs Better Than Samsung Version

iPhone 6S

Both Samsung and TSMC make the Apple A9 processor for the new iPhone 6S and 6S Plus handsets and now it would appear that there may be a different between the two handsets.

Reddit user pw5a29 has both versions of Apple’s new iPhone 6S, one with a TSMC A9 processor, the other with a Samsung A9 processor.

He decided to run some benchmark test on the two handsets and the results are surprising, there is a significant difference in the battery life between the two iPhone 6S units.

The iPhone 6S with the TSMC produced Apple A9 ran for almost 8 hours, the iPhone 6S with the Samsung A9 ran for around 8 hours have a look at the benchmarks below.

iPhone 6S

Ran this test a couple times and results were consistent. Always about a 2 hour difference in duration. Both phones were tested using the same backup, same settings. Also tried testing them as new phones and results were similar.

You’d think the smaller sized chip would be more efficient but the benchmarks don’t really reflect that.

That is quite a difference in performance between the two iPhones, we wonder if Apple are aware of this, if anyone had seen similar results on their new iPhone, leave a comment below and let us know.

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